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ALT 03.11.2010
Registered since: Nov 2008
Contributions: 45

Satisfied - Posted: 03/11/2010
Ve NEN Hunter whom I have ever played in between times and have now tested with the AIO.
Starting with level 65
So Quest mode runs pretty well for this quest, I always make time in between.
No matter which area you will NEN quest giver looks that this quest has studied the Q from the list of AIO's out there and start
If Q is not there times NEN as a result quest, STOP jumping on and on we go

To Grind Mode I've found it's enough who he is in the area
Now he is 72

When I was questing and just starting to notice that, unfortunately, it runs pretty funny, especially when it comes to things that need to occur on several levels. as the starting area in the Borean Tundra festivals.

The Skills:
He quite extensive livestock are as dead ...

Skinning and picking flowers is also 90%
When skinning it all depends on whether the mob on it in profile with it say if the rider does not simply gather the right "Add More Types" add the mob with respect to sell then do not forget about the knife or it's part away and nothing is more

Picking flowers: he runs sometimes be because of the straight path is taken to this, then just look to outsiders from Bissel funny.

My conclusion: the general running quite well.
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ALT 03.11.2010
Registered since: May 2010
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I would Played 65 times the interest to 72 or how many days have you used and how long you've played a day
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ALT 03.11.2010
Registered since: Nov 2008
Contributions: 45

The time I would have liked to have written this because unfortunately I have
First not paid on it
Second by setting times and always try around and more time went on it is determined

But felt I'd say 4-6 days PI * NEN thumb and half a foot to

And I fell asleep watching the times and he was still going well and I'm happier on NEN Level

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ALT 04.11.2010
Registered since: Nov 2008
Contributions: 45


Did I forget swimming is not his full strength, when the head is not bein clean running water at all is ok but woe is he is swimming the longer NEN splash comes, but to the goal but it is used three times as long as it is


've found something
Gesammt may be considered as not, because I ran as I said with the times as always around.

The scores were level 71 with ie 7 h ~ 81 percent
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