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Admin 11.06.2012 16:28

Diabot - our Diablo 3 Bot
Hi there,
I can happily tell you that we on our grind finely Diablo 3 Bots: Diabot work.

He will buy will be available within the next week to.

Can you give a brief overview of you already:

Diablo 3 Bot - questing, gold or exp farms - everywhere.

Someday 11.06.2012 16:35

Will there be a lifetime license?

Admin 11.06.2012 16:36


gnupsie 12.06.2012 22:06

Am I wrong a few days ago but was not the "vserver" is developed on the down everything?
And if that 'your' bot is not new information would have to be there to AIO?

Admin 13.06.2012 10:49

Am I wrong or has anything to do with our new Diabot?

gnupsie 13.06.2012 10:55

As posted, the server ALL "terminated" have been, and I quote: ". And I must mention the VDS at which new products are developed and programmed - data from previous days are so gone" - Data path is not equal to or bot ready soon?

It may also be that I am insane, and the servers were only for the AIO, then it really has nothing to do .. hereby

Admin 13.06.2012 11:24

Yes, just about WoW.

Sebi2k3 11.08.2012 15:19

If the bot not completed?

Admin 11.08.2012 23:44

It looks like there are no reputable supplier of more bots such as Glider at that time ... at the moment the project is on hold.

chepreius 23.11.2012 13:07

comes the now or not ??

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