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EU Aion account is for sale
ALT 29.05.2010
Registered since: May 2010
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EU Aion account is for sale -Posted: 29.05.2010

I wanted to sell my Aion account since I been playing WoW again.

On the Acc are some Elyos chars: (Thor server)
Kantor 31 (+5 Rare Bar)
Hunter 25 (+10 bow)
22 Mage
Gladi 20

(If you are interested, there are the links to the Chars by Aion page)

A total of 3 Mile Kinah, Mats and much more.

The account has been inactive since NER time I thought I'd been playing perhaps once again, but I find no pleasure. That's why I want to get rid of him so I have some money for WoW.

I thought price of 25 € is not too much demand there NEN empty Aion Acc cost more and some even start with super Klasssen Gear to exist.

When there is buy email change and everything that goes with it.
Furthermore there for NEN small amount for shipping, it DvD + the original key.

We will be glad when all was clear interest from landline phone call, but also via ICQ to disposal.

If you are interested please let me know in the thread or PM I'll send you the ICQ number (landline or directly assist them) to.

I think the price is not excessive for what I offer you, so come and get it to you =)!
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Sell an Aion account with 6 chars!
ALT 28.04.2011
Registered since: Apr 2011
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Sell an Aion account with 6 chars! - Posted: 28.04.2011
incorrectly posted ^ ^

my post Finder is one jez Sell an Aion account with 6 chars! ^^

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Aion Eu acc for sale
ALT 10/3/2014
Registered since: Oct 2014
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Aion Eu acc for sale - Posted: 03.10.2014
65er AT (Kromede Elyos)
65er Gladi (Kromede Elyos)
65er Gunner (Vehalla Asmo)

GP Stufe 60 noch 1000 Tage premium etc pp

hab nicht mehr die zeit für Aion falls jmd interesse hat pls melden
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