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Spartacus pvp bot ...
ALT 15/02/2008
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Spartacus pvp bot ... - Posted: 15/02/2008
Spartacus works almost flawlessly ...
In the BG because he always uses only the companion to the other? What I have to change somewhere in the settings?

THX in advance schonmal
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ALT 05.03.2008
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attendants with whom I think you're right I would also very interesieren
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ALT 05.03.2008
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Since the last hotfix BG have pets of hunters and warlocks, the same factions as their owners. because you can not do much, unfortunately.
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ALT 07.03.2008
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jup that's a fact but getümel AV is not so bad ...
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ALT March 20, 2008
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So you want to just run though it attacks only the pets? is stupid but little ^ ^
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