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Glider Elite + + PVPbot
ALT 15/02/2008
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Glider Elite + + PVPbot - Posted: 15/02/2008
Sun people and I am new to me because in the last days now I've read everything downloaded and set. I have some question maybe I can help would be a nice.

1) I use Glider Elite + + PVPbot have everything set atm if I wowo in manholes and PVPbot to start pushing it runs properly helga (AV out), and logs in and enters the game.

But then he is only making and nothing, no idea can explain why a purely set may be a profile or what I have to adjust.
Oh, and if eg. AV is over then he signed himself no one

THX in advance

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ALT February 16, 2008
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But look on the website the video because Kannste not go wrong
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