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Question about PvP Botten
ALT February 21, 2008
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Question about PvP Botten - Posted: 21/02/2008
Greetings, I'm now at the PvP started botting and came across some problems, and would like to compare with your experiences.

I have a rogue with the botte Horde AV profile. My problem is mainly that I when I ride around and meet me is the one I nachrenne ally, even if he just kept riding. so far so good. Now, the ally is gone and I stand there, miles away from a waypoint and it creates back Glider nciht easy reach. Because the AV terrain that happens all the time! Do you live so or is there "trick" with which one can handle it?

As it happens 2nd bit of a problem that constantly attack my rogue and then passes through the opponent and then an arc (about 5 meters) runs back. Then a "stuttering" he forward in small steps total. looks totally fake. someone knows something?

Edit: Have just also noticed that my rogue dies permanently in the bunkers. He rides past. is shot, turns to the bunker and watches until he is dead. Gibts solution for this ne * hope *

I do not know how you come in spite of such problems to 20k per day, so I hope to solve that you have a way to know these problems.

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ALT 03.03.2008
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I feel the same
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ALT March 27, 2008
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mhh I'd also be the time are interested in the experience, so please post to have =)
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ALT March 28, 2008
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yes, would be nice
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ALT March 29, 2008
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Hi everyone!
So the bunker with the unfortunately can not be changed. It's a little trick but unfortunately only the rogue Allerding. invite you down for the class profile and place where rogue stealth. Then you get at least well past the bunker.
then disable avoid running it after your opponent does not. Well, and the battle with the one problem with that is you must live, unfortunately. Remember this is a bot and it works very well. You can not have everything. If you pullst from stealth em out and he does not bow to the "slaps" the enemy down .
If my glider in pvp again funzt I present to you like some settings for disposal. Unfortunately funzt since patch 2.4 the pvp botting no longer with me.
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ALT March 31, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
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not need to create a thread I read my question in here sometimes.

On the page it says: "Honor collection (Glider + free tools)"

Where can I download a free tool for that. Did the PVPbot found only on payment.
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