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Normal Glider
ALT February 22, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
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Normal Glider - Posted: 22.02.2008
Hello Leuts!

I've been using since about 1st week with the joy of normal glider.
Now that I also like my '66 PVP a bit excessive
would provide would be my question, has anyone had experience with
the use of Spartacus or other Progs without elite?
I would order it today by transfer elite
(the key is up there) but for the transitional period, I would like lechz ne solution.
Normal recharge honor I have enough already ...
Thanks in advance for info ..

My question here was indeed on many occasions but the experience is erötert obs were so divided.
Also: you can also use any bongos2 with Glider?

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ALT February 22, 2008
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(the key is up there) but for the transitional period, I would like lechz ne solution
fully understand .... I feel at my advanced age ^ ^ even so it hardly can wait if I want something
but surely not wait for my recommendation to you is safe and the elite have few days making or not ...?

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ALT February 23, 2008
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Without elite, it is clearly dangerous, because you are not actively taking part in the BG.
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