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PVP priest Glide
ALT 05.03.2008
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PVP priest Glide - Posted: 05/03/2008
Hello there!

Following question:
I now must think priest gliding of 64-70 successful
Also, thanks to help from the community.

Now I wanted to start with PVP. My settings for normal Glider
keys.xml together for me perfectly adjusted.
Now I've got elite Glider for PVP.

Can I keep my settings for the successful keys.xml
and I only create custom additional ne this class or upper class for
Priest take and retain keys?
I also extend my bars 5 and 6, I do not need a third ..

thanks in advance
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ALT 05.03.2008
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keys you have to either adapt to the change keys.xml or your ingame keys to the custom of the respective class.
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