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Can the glider be used also the Moiunt?
ALT March 22, 2008
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Can the glider be used also the Moiunt? - Posted: 22.03.2008
Hi, I run Glider and Spartacus now on.

First problem: he joint the AV does not automatically have everything set for Oggrimar with the German name of the battle master, unfortunately without success.

Second problem: It uses for the routes in the AV is not the mount. Can you set this somehow? Would be more authentic!

Thank you
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ALT March 22, 2008
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Sorry my glass hood is broken ...
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ALT March 22, 2008
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@ Jo Zippel can simply useless once the search function
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ALT March 22, 2008
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somehow I think slowly the many loud for you Sufu Nich are suitable! somehow all of this on their own; P
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