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Glider Elite + + PVP runs around funny
ALT April 11, 2008
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Glider Elite + + PVP runs around funny - Posted: 11/04/2008

I have Glider Elite + Spartacus the latest version.
Mage can use oober klass and the profiles that you can download here in the "New AV + profiles Spartacus" download.

If everything works properly, the char is going on .. but he always runs serpentine lines so funny, and sometimes it's up and running to the left and the right times. Does anyone know what this is? acting a little funny.

In addition, the Mage reacts quite slowly. Runs through it, allie is in range, then he rises from the mount, and 2 sec he is stupid, then he casts Frostbolt NEN .. and so .. because you can make something that looks a little the human: S

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ALT April 11, 2008
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YOU could try spell lead delay is slightly less machen.Aber I'm not so self sicher.Habe never gebottet in BG. Just try it one probably does it matter? ... Yes.
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ALT April 11, 2008
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Have the same problem with oobershamane, it will mount before riding on the back like a circular Spacken stop, striking indoors and outdoors.
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