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ALT 03.12.2010
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Eiskrone-Erz-Mail-Reppen-Horde/Ally(Wettbewerb) - Posted: 03/12/2010
ok then here is my first post.

dala in start-landing pad.

horde and suitable ally.

Reppen and splashing around with mail.

ore farming in Icecrown. It is farmed saronite and titanium to the eons.

It is a very large round. a flying mount is needed. the sooner the better DSTO
I farme as a noob toon. So an 80 is not well equipped. So should everyone know farming.
my flying mount is slow but it's worth so already. So let's go ....

all set three profiles with!
So on patrol: 'Icecrown-ore'
BTT country: 'Dala-Reppen-land'
BTT Air: 'Dala-mail flight'

my attitude is at gatherrange: '80 '

good loot and no ban ....

no, here also the 500th hochlad error ...

Upload files for free FileUpload X <----- DL link because unfortunately the forum does not upload funst.

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ALT 20.12.2011
View Klato87
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hi where is your profile for?
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ALT 21.12.2011
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That's the problem with free hosting, I will move the first contribution, invites one probably the creator of it up again to the forum, then kommts back to the forum profiles.
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