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Rogue does not use a problem mulitate
ALT 08.02.2011
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Rogue does not use a problem mulitate - Posted: 08/02/2011
So my Rogue when he slaps anwiesiert just depends what time with auto attack without skills to use
and yes all the standard settings and everything goes right the auser
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ALT 08.02.2011
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Englishe keyboard?
English client?

All attacks properly distributed to the groin? (Not just the one you used sonderen all)


/ edit

ausm other themes:

Originally posted by Admin Post show
ESC INTERFACE rely on standard
ESC-AutoKeys to set standard

Addons from.

If he is still attacking net properly, make check.

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ALT 08.02.2011
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I've heard that offered the multiate eifach not used
I find a shame because then the treacherous knave is unplayable
or is there somebody where this goes
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ALT 08.02.2011
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No, the programmers have to fight as a rogue rogue so the CS Bot (class settings) programmed for this!
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