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Fair Play Bot reacted very slowly until about 10:00
ALT 25.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2011
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Fair Play Bot reacted very slowly until about 10:00 - Posted: 25/03/2011
Hello people.

've Seen this morning that the new version is out (5.20) un me very happy.

After not very long considering quickly downloaded and tried. Now I realize the only Featured login process lasted about 20 seconds.

Initialization usually ended quickly.

But when I clicked on the Get Process did I have to wait almost a minute until he has shown me the sequences.

The messenger came as no Sogut. He has set before the quest giver, the quest and then almost nothing done 2min. I thought it never got started and what is read through the threads here. Suddenly I hear that because in the background as they are happening, and once he has accepted the next quest and put back into dormancy.

So it seemed as if the program the individual steps with very high delay outing.

At first I thought it's the new version, but after a few attempts with old version and restart Several computer I realized that it's not to do so.

Somewhere in the thread I've read that it sometimes had problems after Windows update that I had yesterday off in front of the computer shutdown.

But just so I wanted desperately eröfnnen this thread and measure precise times as long as he needed for what steps has he suddenly ran like clockwork.

Now I know not whether this thread even still makes sense because it has done on its own.
However, I would interresieren been what it was, so next time I am or what to do nothing and simply wait.

Possibly could so that they are somehow related to bot the server and the server is overloaded then the program does is difficult, would be the only way of ideas

mfg seaman0
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Online now!
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ALT 25.03.2011
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I also had the same problems, I have thought of before but my server is under ne everything ok again also thought that it lies on the test's new Bot but on a different computer was just old and new bot so slow. Ok I am that I am not the only .

But now everything is back
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ALT 25.03.2011
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These are then the server since all steps can be loaded from the server!
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Now everything is a symbol
ALT 25.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2011
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Now everything is a symbol - Posted: 25/03/2011
Oh, and I even knew the net.

I thought the program builds only connection I can log on to.

Well if that is so, then the solution for that - just wait and hope that it comes up.

mfg seaman0
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ALT 25.03.2011
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Running again pretty quickly

Presumably irgentwelche kiddies have restarted pointless UPD Floods ...
As I so hate a waste -. -
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Welcome back
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