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To collect items - but mainly mobs kill
ALT 03.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
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To collect items - but mainly mobs kill - Posted: 08/03/2011

as you know there are some quests in WoW where you
different items, like for example springs etc must collect.
These are then usually scattered around the landscape.
In this area there are of course the mobs
somewhat more difficult to collect.

My problem:

My Char is doing most of the whole area of mobs to clean
to collect than the targeted objects.
He runs from mob to mob and run it past the bulky items.
Every now and then is sometimes collected one.
The longer it takes for the bot as a human game, and sometimes
"Confused" running around in the area is quite normal
but 30 - 50 minutes for 10 items ... ?
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ALT 03.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
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'm Not sure, correct me if I'm wrong, but one probably is. Ensure safe while on looting?

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ALT 03.08.2011
Registered since: Dec 2007
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Turn on Auto Loot in the WoW-time options ..
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ALT 03.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
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I Botte not just since yesterday. Auto Loot is on course.
It's more about me, he sweeps the whole quest field blank, but only once every 15 minutes, picks up a quest item.
And this is no exception.
So goes the more often and I always have to stick to it.
Sometimes I have to continue questing himself so he does not 2 hours on a quest around.
Actually, a problem solved easily.

The bot controls the char to the quest items and removes them.
If he is attacked on the way there, he defended himself.

Reality: The bot can attack the char any crap. Even neutral mobs (yellow text).
Jumps from mob to mob the char, wasting time and not focus on his
Task - collecting quest items -

For everything else there's the grind mode.
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