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Screen resolution is too small
ALT 07.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
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Screen resolution is too small - Posted: 08/07/2011
Hello together,

I would like to leave the bot running on my EeePC, I have a little problem after starting AIO.Wenn I've done all the settings I would have to press the start button. Unfortunately, this is me at max resolution of 1024x600 but not displayed is not in the visible range.
Thus it is not possible to start this myself. Chance someone has an idea how I can hinbekommen yet?

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ALT 07.08.2011
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Lol. I have no desire to test the degree (because then move all the links), however, the times can not check up jmd imagine that it is not in the visible range at 1024's.
Best regards,

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ALT 08.08.2011
Registered since: Mar 2008
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This problem is well-known notebook easily with
tool to solve the "KDE mover-sizer" (google).
This emulates the famous Linux distributions from function
Window at any point to touch the mouse
and to move.
Very useful, especially for small netbooks ...
Not tested by myself - but it should be worth a try ...
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ALT 08.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
Contributions: 19

yes I had tried that with me but unfortunately not successful.
But I now found the solution to my problem.

Windows Registry Editor Start (regedit),
the entire registry for "Display1_DownScalingSupported" (without quotation marks), starting
keys found in the value of "0" to "1" change (without quotation marks) and then seek
The last two steps are repeated until the registry was scanned completely,
reboot system.

Did that and lo and behold, after restarting HERE and finally I get to the start button.
Thank you for your help. And continued success.

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