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Why so little security features? First conclusion
ALT 28.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
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Why so little security features? First conclusion - Posted: 08/28/2011

I am an experienced botters and use the bot to date with the P starts and ends with ox . Now I wanted to think outside the box and look at me this bot here, special attention is given encouraging Questmodus.Nach the trial I could I NEN small conclusion we bilden.Fangen first with the positive:

+ Easy setup and much self-explanatory. net after 10 minutes you can set once it's ready, that is good for beginners
+ Passable Quest mode, not natural for a bot

These things make me worry bissl.

- Why the bot is not polymorphic? It will be easy to find it when scanning the hash value to
- It may be that he has relatively little alternative route during quests? not to say usually only 1 Again, I do ne Sicherheittslücke
- Ne car chat feature detection and editable dictionary with words would be desirable, especially in areas where quests are, you meet a player often ask for help or invite Grp

All credit to all cases is the easy configurability of the bots. Even beginners can quickly achieve success. But that's what also has another downside, because there are few opportunities you to perfect it if you take the time.

30 days is first ordered to test further. If I have something wrong may be chalked up to forgive me and tell me.
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ALT 28.08.2011
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Hello and thank you for your review!

On the topic polymorph ... because already there are bots to use the thing? I think not ... do not need the most, as far as I know the bots are all hidden by a rootkit from Warden, so no matter how well the hash code may be
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