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Pala will start no fight
ALT 23.10.2011
Registered since: May 2010
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Pala will start no fight - Posted: 10/23/2011
Hello people,

have a problem with my Paöa in BG mode. Strips have set, according to the guide. English and set client, addons off and everything set to default. Only when he is in the BG buff DOES NOT do it. And if he is going on rides and before NEM opponents he remains on the Mount. And just how crazy selected by the opponent.

And another thing, which means starting the setup if attacked by Attacking ... and then what is there in?

Greeting Ninucs

ps: I would answer to a quick look at just an hour ago because my testacc expires and I buy according to current time, no account would

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ALT 23.10.2011
Registered since: May 2010
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sorry seems to be found here no mods or similar I'll probably buy testacc expired but then none, and yet what would be great if this forum would be a clear and why the glider was not cleared him, There Is stuff anyway so why would you never leave Machts only confusing
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ALT 23.10.2011
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I'm always happy to improve it, was clearly not the e-mail? I mean, maybe I should make the link to the guide even more so 1938724934mrd font size?

And you're right, of course, it is indecent if not on Sunday will be shipped within a few hours an answer! That will change soon as possible. And no, there are no mods.

The problem sounds like as if you had to attack the car will not last.

To sum up:
You say we should make the forum more transparent, is nevertheless in the e-mail the correct link to the correct instruction, there is what you need ALL OTHER link, what can I do for you Clear?

"Start Attacking if attacked by"
Does exactly what it is translated literally. Attack when you start to attack the [NUMBER] will. If there is a number you've entered it will certainly have to more than keen to attack the car. But, it was fortunately declares in the (video) instructions (yes correct that that is linked in the manual), there is this attitude does not talk - so I wonder why you've enabled it (if you do that have).

Sorry, the post has become a little arrogant, but found your post very "inappropriate".
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