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BOT not farmed
ALT 18.01.2012
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BOT not farmed - Posted: 01/18/2012
Hi just wondering if I can get help here. Since yesterday I've followed all my AIO Bot exactly per the instructions and the result was funny but my bot fly through the area but no herbs he farmed the farther I would like to know if you can insert any predefined xml Dateine with routes or how the mice can. Many thanks in advance!
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ALT 18.01.2012
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There is a video on how to add routes. Apart from addons, WoW to default back KeyBindings set reset and English keyboard.
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ALT 18.01.2012
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Short version: follow the instructions STEP BY STEP. If you think you've already processed then do it again.

How do you set the auto Gather mode, you can find in the video instructions. How do you paste it profiles is explained in the forum profile.
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