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Best method
ALT 30.01.2012
Registered since: Jan 2012
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Best method - Posted: 30/01/2012

how you doing to prevent a possible ban (of course apart from Darkys commandments which I have read and followed, of course)?

I had my Pala considered only with quests, without great grind, or farms to draw up, but between drinne stop regularly make time an instance, and keep in touch with people (Char's internal guild, where I talk then, too).

How does the you in? I've read the diaries in order to possibly detect a "pattern" can, but often it seems to be the sheer arbitrariness is not whether an account is locked or not.

If you dan partly reads, some of the accounts allegedly after 2 hours of botting can be locked (usually played only by hand), so I'm wondering what you do wrong to right so as to fall on the nose.

Of course I realize that none of you working at Blizz and all crystal balls are in repair, would be interesting beliefs and experiences of the "pros" yet.

The Sufu I have operated, but the contributions are partly already 3 years old, and I'm not sure if that still endures.

If the thread name is inappropriate, I can change the love, but unfortunately I found no one suitable title. Sorry.

Best Regards
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ALT 30.01.2012
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The only thing I noticed is that it applies to 99.99% share of a particular user ... the X and ask me to read the manual does not that make a warrior walk for hours even though he will only attack if he has enough rage (do auto attack in the net).

I'd say I have a feeling it meets most of the people who are too lazy to look the character, I would never make a bot, and then disappear immediately for 8 h ... because you have to watch but only if everything goes smooth sometimes?

100% security does not give würds.
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ALT 31.01.2012
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HI users

First, it would be nice if you would give you a name with which you can respond better. "Hi user" I find impersonal

So you want to let go of your paladin on the big wide world quest So good ...

The admin has written what I would sign it, but unfortunately Sun
Is nice that the bot does everything alone, but there is a program that 1's and 0llen treated.
Especially in Quest mode, are pretty much concluded deviations, where one has to intervene.
Even the programmers can not see it all advance.

As I said, 99% of the bans are "Peca", 1% is Warden.
Do you like to be clear beginning, when You showed and are caught, the ACC is CHANGING!

Everyone should start with this bot or another, it operates kennenlernen.Wie him first what he does, he comes first. To be able to assess for themselves whether or not he is unobserved can.
Look at first, as he quester who quests he does and learn, so you know where you have to intervene.
If you are the first raushasst, then you can leave him alone, sometimes.
Otherwise, play quietly, see bids (Thanks for reading)

Ask yourself, would you do so ne quest mobs or farming?

otherwise you can not say much!

I hope I helped you a bit ..

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Welcome back
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