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Can not login to test account "Account already online"
ALT 31.01.2012
Registered since: Jan 2012
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Can not login to test account "Account already online" - Posted: 01/31/2012

I've logged the first time in the Bot is completely crashed so I had to finish it on Task Manager, I then logged on again and then stood there, "Account already online." My 5 hours to run now and I can probably try anything ...

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# Has done to go now. KA why ^ ^
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ALT 31.01.2012
Registered since: Jan 2012
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This affects not only your "test account".
I have a problem with my "paid" account.
Seems to be a server problem that is only since this morning, because up until last night he was still running fine.
Just hang on a bit and try again later.
What happens, however, over time, the well continues to run, the second question.
Let's see if the admin has an idea to him have been a PM, he will take care of geshickt probably already know what to drumm why.
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ALT 31.01.2012
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It is normal if the bot is not terminated normally (eg Task Manager) for 7 minutes is not allowed to log in, but also underneath sthet ...

This is a protection against DDoS
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