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WoW warden aushebeln?
ALT 02.02.2012
Old King Play
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WoW warden aushebeln? - Posted: 02/02/2012
wanted to ask because I have found this text on another page if the warden is really going to pry out so as not to be monitored more of which would be better for botting when some no longer can spy

Blizzard can not dictate to you what you have software on your computer are allowed and what is not. As a result, you can install as many cheat programs as you wish as long as you do not use to manipulate this to WoW.
Blizzard may terminate your account only if it can be proved that you have the cheat engine used in WoW.

So much for legal, technically it looks like this:
In WoW yes a scanner with inside the memory (and not HardDisk, would be even nicer) for programs like Cheat Engine and bots (but that does not always work as the scanner only known patterns can search) searches. Finding these scanners such a program knows Blizzard summoned and can block your account. But this scanner can be easily cut short in the WoW.exe runs just under a different user with restricted rights as you are logged into the system.

PS: This scanner is how many have guessed the reason why there is no Linux version of WoW client. Because there is such a spyware, due to the so-called natural immunity of Linux, even harder than Windows and would probably never work quite as bad or more.

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ALT 03.02.2012
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I do not know how long this rumor has been around ... Warden is charged while playing as Warden and even accessing the memory of WoW or those Checks benefits as well as the guest mode nothing ... just like this story Linux, you can Do not remember the bans have taken only Linux user?

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Habs found: Blizzard Unbans Linux World of Warcraft player | Linuxlookup
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