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Gold farmen
ALT 11.02.2012
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Gold farmen - Posted: 11/02/2012

Sorry that I ask again something

Games are not very long WoW have heard through the Fairplaybot can you can make about 20k gold daily anyone have advice to give me one probably the best as I do

Would be really nice.

Sincerely, Marco Faulhaber
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ALT 11.02.2012
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Generally quite simple - but can you answer it exactly no one.
Just look, what with you on the Serer in the auction house goes away relatively well.

Evidence for your search would be:

- Herbs
- Ores
- Leather / shed
- Volatile Life / Earth / Fire / Water
- Pets
- Mount of Love Event

And then ... find out by yourself how you can make the technology work for you. With the right strategy, the right jobs, and possibly 1-2 twinks with trade skills are currently at least 40k / character in it. And no, I betraying nothing more ... Brain switch
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ALT 11.02.2012
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I like. Somedys post.
Best regards,

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