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Exe Funktionert not more
ALT 08.03.2012
Registered since: Mar 2012
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Exe Funktionert not more - Posted: 03/08/2012
Hello dear forum
My next peoblem is the new patch by Botes of my exe always crashes.

What I have done:
1.Winrar is currently
Second Currently offered and
3.Immer as adminstrator
4.Windows currently
5.Treiber, WoW on latest

I have not run in the background only and WoW Bot (which is in the windowless mode)
Network have repaired because I can not aktuelliersin
Pc restarts

I've also Ans Fair Play team have turned my Icq by acute updated winrar and then we went about 30 minutes later it crashed again.
Before the patch everything went well no problems no nothing, and since the patch is nothing more

I ask for your help Mike Mfg.
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ALT 08.03.2012
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Did you start the bot folder to your exceptions Antviren added program?
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ALT 08.03.2012
Registered since: Mar 2012
Contributions: 3

I do not even have an antivir program imoment it, I was thinking maybe I would my antivir program the block so I uninstalled it
Mike Mfg.
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ALT 08.03.2012
Registered since: Mar 2008
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. Net Framework installed? If so, which version?
You installed in Win 7 for safety even if it is the 4.0 version 3.5!
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ALT 09.03.2012
Registered since: Mar 2012
Contributions: 3

So I have windows 7 and kla is netfamework 4.0
geschmiessen down and have it done again on it but I can no longer watching whether it's because my account expired today is Super!!!

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