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Some problems after a life of 4 days
ALT 01/04/2012
Registered since: Apr 2012
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Some problems after a life of 4 days - Posted: 01.04.2012
Dear Friends of "letting play"

I now had about 4-5 days to test the bot with a gnome ele-Shami.
Did however find much to be extremely immature.

To make sure that I have either promised too much or just too stupid am to set the bot correctly, here I have sometimes written a few things to annoy me, restrict, or in my opinion, the bot in its effectiveness against the hand games:

The bot, provided for everything he has correctly initialized and sits down when he is OOM. Once he had enough mana for my Healing Surge has, he jumps up and casts it again. And the game begins anew.

Second If I tell him he should please even skinning the mobs, if he has looted it, he does so in 60% of cases. In the remaining 40% it is

a) just as stupid and wait 30-45 seconds


b) just as stupid to move on after 10 seconds of waiting three steps back and then wait another 10 seconds to walk back again to make the field - and in some cases 5 minutes!

Third He often stuckt on any walls.

Example: He should run from point A to point B. If not so tragic, were it not for the small but lovely but the fact that point A and point B, located at realizable visibility setting of "entrance to Un'Goro" to "Gadgetzan" EXACTLY on a line without any obstacles or something. So, now, of course, thinks the bot: "Au fine, I walk" ... hardly the first wall is * clap, Ruckel, Ruckel * and the bot will run in a relaxed and unaware bad for about 2 hours against the only available wall in the whole level area, which is not only NOT FOR HIS COUNTRY ROUTE, but also more accurate 90 ° is different. Well ... Once something can happen, okay. Calculation error or whatever. But as good as ever? : S

As you probably noticed, I'm currently running it in the quest mode, which I'm not convinced.

The instructions did your part, I realized of course, as Botter novice everything very carefully and arranged as described.

Why does he only casts please no shields or totem? Why are there these options if they do not run and you would be able to save them?

I am looking forward to constructive answers and wish you a pleasant Sunday
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ALT 01/04/2012
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Hello WelCome and,
I even like Schamis botte can only give you an error when he does not use shields or totem, so I dneke are also the rest of the errors, therefore, where:
"If he is OOM. Once he had enough mana for my Healing Surge has, he jumps up and casts it again. And the game begins all over again."
A known bug is annoying ...

Addons from making, keyboard and interface to standard bars show correctly ...
Best regards,

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