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Bot do not log a char
ALT 18/04/2012
Registered since: Apr 2012
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Bot do not log a char - Posted: 18/04/2012
I just wanted to once again another round botting but unfortunately the bot will not recognize my character.
So I'm doing everything as usual but not funzt.
Can it be that it is because of the small patch which was made today?
Or is something on the server is not active?
MFG locus
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ALT 18/04/2012
Registered since: Feb 2012
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jep at me the same problem .. guess that it is up to wow the updates were today! I hope the bot team will take care of as quickly and rum are modest wenns running again ... mfg

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there is still offered in the log I would say yes otherwise erstma Freezing the time goes on .. xD
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ALT 18/04/2012
Registered since: Jan 2009
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Good morning,

I have the same problem. The bot initialized correct, but he did not recognize the character and spits out the message can not get -9 process. Last night there was everything. I conclude that it is the WOW update.

So long
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ALT 18/04/2012
Registered since: Mar 2012
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japp same prob with me until the server shutdown today durchgebottet moin and were back on when the server was nothing more please help
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ALT 18/04/2012
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after a patch, no matter how small, it is 99% always have to give an update of the bots. -> Wait
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