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Gliders in WotLK?
ALT October 12, 2008
Registered since: Sep 2007
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Gliders in WotLK? -Posted: October 12, 2008
Hiho at all!

What do you think you would weitergliden? I give my Gelengenheiten wirds Surely even if you are in the "old" world glidet level 1-2, which is surely possible or not?

Sure I buy the addon also for the content to learn only lv. inis and does not fit together ... umbedingt

So shoot off time I'm looking forward to suggestions of all kinds!
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ALT October 12, 2008
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hää wat?
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ALT October 12, 2008
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First and foremost, it is your decision but I can easily write such times what I intend to wotlk.

I currently have 1 main and 1 bot account the main account is for safety reasons not generally used to account geglidet the bot gold sourcing

Even if I were gliding with the Main, I would gamble the 10 levels manually. Why is relatively simple ... I want to see the content. Also, I do not think that Glider is the start of wotlk safe.

so long,
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ALT November 16, 2008
Registered since: Oct 2008
Contributions: 2

when you think it will be safe or will exist Skirtings for it? =)

I think I'm going to make men like vorposter, a main acc is not gebottet (among other ip)
and 1 - 2 farm Accs =) yes I want the new 3-series mounts (20k gold) and the nines flying skill (15k gold) have

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