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Praise to all developers, moderators, etc!
ALT January 10, 2008
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Praise to all developers, moderators, etc! -Posted: January 10, 2008
So I'm a HUGE praise to you developers / admins / moderators, and everyone else to thank the help in the development of the glider! I am so convinced of this bot, and thank you! The bot does not help me immensely but is actually just about my entire everyday! I used to come home from school, the computers have been smashed, and started questing WOW pointless ... siehts different from today! The time now I've wasted with the quests, I'm learning the way for the school and farm for the bot comfortable for me, wenns problems with people there, so I sit next to the computer So kudos to you, make and keep it up!

Best regards Daniel!
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ALT January 10, 2008
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Although one can not speak often enough!
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