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FairPlay-bot login, password incorrect?
ALT 17.10.2010
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FairPlay-bot login, password incorrect? - Posted: 17/10/2010
since the question again arises here an excerpt from your e-mail and a little explanation as your account FPB your "finds".

"Your personal account details for Fair Play Bot are:
Account and Password

aiookxxxx hzg1ib60hz
aiookxxxy yy2en19876

With best regards, "

The two months have 2 accounts with one month, this only begins to count when you log in the first time.

Account1 = aiookxxxx
Password1 = hzg1ib60hz

Account2 = aiookxxxy
Password2 = yy2en19876

I hope I could clear up a few

Have fun wishes you the entire World of Glider team.
Best regards,

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