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General tips to the task level 1-80 quest
ALT 19.11.2010
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General tips to the task level 1-80 quest - Posted: 19/11/2010
Sun Hi together! Now that I am about by the quest task playing up my second 80 ', I would like you sometimes one or the other tip with on their way to quickly and efficiently to their destination, because everyone who uses the quest task would, indeed think I quickly get to level 80 and still have the odd piece of gold in his pocket.

Basically, I can only recommend to take the first 10 levels of hand. I realized that this is not only much quicker, but the profiles just in the start area, where you spend the first 6 levels, in part, as they themselves would not you want it. From level 10 then you have really no problems. Because from then everything goes like clockwork

Of course, it is advantageous if you already got an 80 ', which still has justice points above to buy the new Char some nice account bound items, but this is not a must, and I waive test also for when my current project on this. If your using WoW from scratch anfangt, this is generally not a problem, but I would advise you, you, among other HERE get a little gold. Can only recommend the gold buying there, because it comes too fast reliable. If you have any problems support is always available. And if it is only the beginning for 1000! These range from fully to equip you with the most important.
I recommend that you buy in any case 4 pockets on the AH or have them manufactured. At least Netherstofftaschen (16 slot), it should be.

This puts you on it and the game can start. You should choose a class that wears leather which I guess would have to pay a visit to the furrier, teachers and leatherworking trainers. But please do not forget, the skinning knife, the leathers, ect. to put on the list of items not to be sold.
All other gathering skills are certainly nice, but skillen with level 80 faster by far and I would refrain from using it, WHILE the quest task.

When leveling course, you will always find materials (Note: Again, please exclude the material from the sale). This I would also exclude the bot from the sale and hire one of the following things with it:

- As Stoffi (Warlock, Riester, Mage) skillen tailors itself to produce armor
- (Low-level grades achieved good materials prices) in gold lack the substance put into AH
- Or first aid skilling.

Then it can go really well already going on. Weapons / armor / jewelry, ect. You need not necessarily buy at the AH, because you get through quests and always finds enough objects.

The following professions I would not recommend the quests:

- Mining holds (on too long?
- Herbalism (same as mine)
- Enchanting (... Is nice at first can be found by Gegegnstände skillen nice BUT that does not last long as I have tested it and although I disenchanted everything I needed to come up on 300 at least 1500G pay out of my pocket)
- Of course the others, which are required or mining and herbalism

So now loads the task, press the Start button and sit back to you

After the full ending quest task you should not sell the materials around 5000 G in the pocket. This then extends to all new characters with the most necessary supply.

For questions, suggestions and criticisms, please send me a short personal message.
Paladin: 80 ready
Hunters: 80 ready
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