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Ban wave and follow?
ALT May 21, 2008
Registered since: Nov 2007
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Ban wave and follow? -Posted: May 21, 2008
So I've heard that mercury has the process lost.
you know what about it?
hhat he Blizz one probably told how the "ausknipsen"?
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ALT May 21, 2008
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it may be that they have geinigt ausergerichtlich.

Or was that blizzard this time faster.

It was definitely not a warden but detection software.

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ALT May 21, 2008
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Well anyway, if it was a good train, then soon comes a post on the WoW page. accounts banned bla bla etc
I suppose as before, Mercury was paid by Blizz. Severance pay, etc.
ALT May 21, 2008
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Told here no fairy tale! The process is still running.

Blizzard has caught us .. Shit happens

Merc and Hamut smoke the heads to the Glider again to get safe ...
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