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Account to buy back?
ALT May 21, 2008
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Account to buy back? -Posted: May 21, 2008
Hi all
zuerts times

Day of Bans: 20:04:08
Online / Offline: Offline
GM contact: no
Get email: Yes
Shadow Mode: yes
Log Settings:
Glider Version: 1.5.7
Glider elite/normal: elite
Additional Info: -

And now that what takes me wonderful
I have read Ner times while in nem forum that it should be possible a permanently banned account - at least after a few months - to buy back. I think this is not so pretty, but it could well be that someone knows more.
Next, it is true that the Blizzard permanent bans sometimes after a few months will void ... `?
greetings Nuscheltier
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Online now!
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ALT May 21, 2008
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Learned when Yoda, you have grammar!
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ALT May 21, 2008
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is really cry
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ALT May 21, 2008
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No, no and no.

GlideOrDie again superfluous!

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