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Ban on the 21.05.08
ALT May 21, 2008
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Ban on the 21.05.08 -Posted: May 21, 2008
Hall people
Me did get caught and have me directly a perm ban pure Plumlee!
3 1970 I went flutes while I was nowhere on the Gliden!
But wow had be 4 days even more on!
Just like a kolleggen from me on the I mitgegglidet have...
But we should not zuerts a 3 hours bann collect?
I could be me for it in the ass bite.-.
Well too bad drum... I werds me 2 times consider whether I my new ACC hochglide-.-.
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ALT May 22, 2008
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pre-order at best AoC and what new play xD
ALT May 22, 2008
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