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Scan.dll the ultimate virus
ALT May 28, 2008
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Scan.dll the ultimate virus -Posted: May 28, 2008
'm Just in a different forum which is found to scan.dll it was supposed to be a backdoor I found copy once

Hey there,

I was just going to patch my WoW 2.0.0 to 2.4.0 from.

And I received the following message in my virus protection:

First Version

When closing the file "D: \\ World of Warcraft \\ Scan.dll.temp" was the virus "Win32: Neptunia-VS [Trj]" of the engine "engine B" discovered.

Second Revision:

Virus: Win32: Neptunia-VS [Trj]
File: Scan.dll.temp
Directory: D: \\ World of Warcraft
Process: Installer.exe

So what to do about it?

Well since 2.x scans your computer for Blizzard cheats, hacks, etc., and bans you if they find it!

And what can you do about it?
First Quit WoW
Second Scan.dll delete and play with WoWMe

------ Nor a copy -------

My GData but it has managed to take out the Blizz trojan on the file

So yes, it helps people villt villt gibs a trick to scann zublocken who I know will continue to investigate and then neatly in g .. xD

and who knows WOWME?

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ALT May 28, 2008
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And if the scan.dll no longer sends data, Blizz has even more to keep an eye on you. The net is stupid, you can do however try to do nothing except to hide the processes it.
Next Banwave inc: still 1-4 months

I ´ m back! When comes the next wave
ALT May 28, 2008
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