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6.19 temporary ban
ALT June 19, 2008
Registered since: May 2008
Contributions: 3

6.19 temporary ban - Posted: 19/06/2008

Day of bans: 19.6
Online / Offlinenline
AFK: yes
GM Contact: no
Email received: yes
Shadow Mode: yes
Log Settings: no
Glider Version: 1.6.2
Glider Elite / Normal: elite + cc + spartacus
Additional Info: BG pvp, AV

ve NEN spell get 24 hours for pvp botting
But did Spartacus really good glider 0.2.3 and configured with a cc
So when the test runs has everything hingehauen and it was also
not really noticeable, but after some time he used the group profiles
Nevertheless, errors of obs is now spartacus or glider I do not start when he is auffjedenfall bg nurnoch, the first profile which leads to the cave and ran from what is obviously massively noticeable as soon as I noticed the I have the glide was abbgebrochen but too late I guess that too many have reported afk what is always the risk when you start and get on rumgammelt zulang suggest the tempban

My question now is whether you probably know you had this Problem with bg botting, or on what to do, the more the group profiles are not properly verlinked

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ALT June 19, 2008
Registered since: May 2008
Contributions: 1.037

Ne never had such problems.

So it sounds like then when Sparta had ended and only Glider would have been, and thus he has performed the loaded profile
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ALT June 19, 2008
Registered since: Jul 2007
Contributions: 27

botting even with normal Glider profiles in PVP Well if he ever runs the same track, the other player's are not stupid and you will probably have reportet.
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ALT June 25, 2008
Registered since: Aug 2007
Contributions: 249

* Edit *
Sry, had misunderstood something ...
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