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Account banned? Presentation at RA Euler Frankfurt!
ALT 02.07.2008
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Account banned? Presentation at RA Euler Frankfurt! - Posted: 02/07/2008
Hi guys,

it's back again to the vexed subject of "Banned - and what can be done!

After much back and forth I've Blizzard thinks a little bit angry.
I am in contact with one (in my opinion quite capable) lawyer from Frankfurt, who will take care of the problem "rapt account".

It is NOT a direct immediate class action, but ultimately a little THREAT order an "out of court settlement by mutual consent" to achieve.

I think everyone knows what is meant.

If this action at least "shared" some accounts again is already won.

Here's a link for reading.
Suspension of a game WOW Accounts

I have a legal expenses insurance covers also the private law of contract (not making any insurance) so I can absorb the expenses of the lawyer a little bit. But still FREE HERE not sure!
Think about you, what you value the thing in itself.

Also, I'm already in the * cough * forge advanced age so I represented myself and can also assign a mandate.
You will, insofar as you do not have the 16HP or 17th year of age, is only limited legal capacity and thus require the consent of your parents. !

You may contact you with RA (RA = lawyer) Euler combined. He can tell you what works and what does not.

The more people join the better.

If you experience *** and / or suggestions may have, feel free to notify me at ***

Many greetings
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ALT 02.07.2008
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The first thing you should read the forum rules, then you're welcome to make thoughtful about the subject!

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