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Ban on 8,7,2008
ALT 08.07.2008
Registered since: Mar 2008
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Ban on 8,7,2008 - Posted: 08.07.2008

grade was Kicked out of wow and it was the my Acc has been banned ..
Wielang and why I do nicht..Warte now on email!
Dear customer,
Dear customer,

This account was recently implicated in acts that are in World of Warcraft viewed as inappropriate. This result is the result of a careful examination and the following warning has been added to your account:

Account Name:
Type of offense: PvP Arena / Battleground Exploitation
Course of events: use of PvP Battlegrounds and the honor system
Action: Account blocked for three hours (3h)

These actions may include, among other things, but are not limited to:
* Use of add-ons, â € œ € žModsâ, external hardware or unauthorized third-party software to automate gameplay mechanics
* Use of game mechanics or â € € œBugsâ
* Any behavior that is intended by the content of a battlefield game takes off, or is not provided here

This action was in accordance with our Terms of Use (World of Warcraft Europe-> legal-> terms of use) And our rules to the game (World of Warcraft Europe-> rules) Is performed.

Please note that this incident will be considered for any further violations of our rules and regulations can. This can be further warnings, as well as a temporary or permanent blocking of the account, as well as the deletion of items and Honor items has resulted.

Further questions regarding the account warning can only be answered by our support account. For this purpose, please use our form World of Warcraft Europe -> Customer Service Form

As our methods of investigation are strictly confidential, we can not disclose any features of this investigation.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and remain

with kind regards

Account administration team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

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ALT 08.07.2008
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What hast thou used? Spartacus?
Fighting games are funny, I play WindowsXP now already more than 5 years and have not won more still.

ALT 08.07.2008
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Kneckebrotfan day!

Below I would like to make you aware of the guidelines for the Banforum. Read at the following link

Accordingly, please USER following structure:

Originally posted by Cryten
Please use the following notation!

Topic / Topics Headline: Ban on "Date," "permanent / temporary"
Day of bans:
Online / Offline:
GM contact:
Email received:
Shadow mode:
Log Settings:
Glider version:
Glider Elite / Normal:
Additional Info:
With best regards ^^
ALT 08.07.2008
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