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Temporary Ban on 03.11.2008
ALT 03.11.2008
Avatar by Badenzer
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Temporary Ban on 03.11.2008 - Posted: 03/11/2008
Sun's got it micht ^ ^

Day of bans: 03.11.2008
Online / Offline: Offline
AFK: Yes, yes there was not ^ ^
GM contact: no
Get email: Yes
Shadow mode: Yes
Log Settings: No
Glider Version: 1.7.8 with the latest version of PBase
Glider elite/normal: elite
Additional Info: Was at participating online colleagues, wanted to show him Char. I'm off and then drove home. Arrived home came the ban. It should be noted that it was not for 5 days in BG-botting.

Dear customer,
Dear customer,

This account was recently implicated in acts that are in World of Warcraft viewed as inappropriate. This result is the result of a careful examination and the following warning has been added to your account:

Type of offense: PvP Arena / Battleground Exploitation
Course of events: use of PvP Battlegrounds and the honor system
Action: Account blocked for three hours (3h)

These actions may include, among other things, but are not limited to:
* Use of add-ons, "mods", external hardware or unauthorized third party software to automate processes play
* Use of game mechanics or "bugs"
* Any behavior that is intended by the content of a battlefield game takes off, or is not provided here

Tauren Druid 70 / 80 stoped (main ACC self played)
Dwarf playing priest 80 / 80 (main ACC self played)
ORC Warlock 60 / 80 stoped (BOT ACC)
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Online now!
Posted: recently

ALT 03.11.2008
Registered since: Nov 2007
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It fits, you can gamble on 3Days again?
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ALT 03.11.2008
Registered since: May 2007
Contributions: 43

no he can gamble again after 3h xD
This is the perfect wave!
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