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ALT 02.12.2008
Avatar by poki1991
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caught - Posted: 02/12/2008
I was not planning to have receded, but no where else to point

I was recently at gliding but angewispert seppi "na fleisig gliding on?" "Caught!"
5 minutes to answer me have made him something stupid with gequasselt
Now the question .. how would you react to
I've added the ne hour and a timeout then continues as normal until the next day started gliding again .. elsewhere
... was good n bad eigtl profile only the problem that was there, standing around a quest to create the most bob not alone
Now ... it creates jut glider but most just do not ^ ^

what you think is the best mesh to prevent the ticket?
stupid slime bribe stelln possibly even reverse it and provoke psycholoogie
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ALT 02.12.2008
Avatar by Patrick
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Just do not dwell on it ignore! Is best if you report a player, your chances will be banned too low! =)
No one dies as a Virgin - life fucks everyone!
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ALT 02.12.2008
Avatar by Mekisto
Registered since: Jun 2008
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Hmmm ... the most brazen way, if you would be gold would have left
in the few hundreds of them and send say if he tells on you
then you say that you are in Blizz blackens the gold you have in him vk ^ ^

But I think is due to a BoB nothing happen:>
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ALT 03.12.2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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on which server you are gliding?
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