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permanent ban 29.12
ALT December 29, 2008
Avatar by MasterRg
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permanent ban 29.12 - Posted: 29/12/2008
Day of bans: 29.12
Online/offline: online
AFK: no
GM Contact: ne
Get email: Yes
Shadow Mode: yes
Log Settings: 2 hours
Glider Version: 1.79 rc2
Glider elite/normal: elite
Additional Info: I've never farmed with the account or the AH masses of what sells. what is the ka

We would like to inform that we terminate your World of Warcraft account had unfortunately.

Account Name: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Day of the offense: Determination completed on 29/12/2008
Occurred: failure of the server economy and involvement in online trading with the property of Blizzard Entertainment
Action: Permanently disabled account

We regret that we had to take this measure. However, it is in the interest of the world of Warcraft Community and the integrity of the game, that you will be revoked access to the world of Warcraft servers.
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ALT December 29, 2008
Avatar by frederik
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day also, I'm sorry for you .. these bans, I would like to see if all my life even if my computer would spin nit ..

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