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When temp when Perm. ?
ALT 04.01.2009
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When temp when Perm. ? - Posted: 04.01.2009
Now I know not whether this belongs here but:

could it be that a temp. Spell if you are in Bottet BG
and a perm. when one is in gold verwicklet stories or Bottet to farm or to to level?
reply would be helpful as I would normally use the Bott for the PvP system.

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ALT 04.01.2009
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As far as I know Blizzard does not perm differs between BG and PvP, so that for each (caught in the act) bot activity. . ban
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ALT 04.01.2009
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So it's not entirely true. In the regular case it is so that when you honor farms only get a temp. However, there are several examples against. Before a spell can only protect a certain type. NOT botting.
Once you use a bot, you have to be expected from blizz.
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