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72h ban on dubious 15:01:09 O, O
ALT January 15, 2009
Registered since: Oct 2008
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72h ban on dubious 15:01:09 O, O - Posted: 15/01/2009
Account Name: # # # # # # # #
Investigation completed on: 15/01/2008
Type of offense: using so-called "Third Party Software"
Action: Account blocked for three days (72 h) and final warning

We wish to inform you that the data comes to this investigation from the period February 2007, and show repeated violations of our manipulation provisions (World of Warcraft Europe -> Policies -> manipulation).

Account Created: 15 May 07

mhm ... jaaa

Incidentally, have begun to grade furs in the Arctic basin farms shola what I char with a Andren did before about what NER week just like this about half a day NEN was banned after starting farm (permanent)

So maybe it was somehow going so the shola pool now nothing around as gold source mice o, o

Online / Offline: Online
AFK: yes
GM Contact: no
Email received: yes ...
Shadow Mode: yes
Log Settings: what part fürn O, O my sin bots 24/7 on lol
Glider version: latest
Glider elite/normal: elite
Additional Info: obn blabla is

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ALT January 15, 2009
Registered since: Mar 2008
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First of all my "condolences" to your banking. However, I do not think it's the Sholo Basin, I run as well as a few chars.

GM had contact? Afk been? Some more info would be nice ...

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ALT January 17, 2009
Registered since: Oct 2007
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Location: Southern Germany

February 2007? Violently. They're quick with the processing of their cases ^ ^
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