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72h spell at 16:01:09
ALT January 16, 2009
Registered since: Apr 2007
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72h spell at 16:01:09 - Posted: 16/01/2009
Account Name: XXXXXXXXXX
Day of the offense: 16/01/09
Affected (r) character name (s): XXXXXX
Happened: It was determined that your account using unauthorized software was used
Action: Account blocked for three days (72 h) and last warning.

Online / Offline: Online probably
AFK: yes
GM Contact: unknown, probably yes
Get email: Yes
Shadow Mode: yes
Logout settings: set no, or very strong.
Glider Version: 1.7.8 (current)
Glider elite/normal: elite

Additional Info:
The affected Char Twink on my main account.
The first 60 levels, he got through "Bring a Friend", was then thrown at glider, because my twink must necessarily be höherstufig, but I have no desire for self leveling.

I am satisfied that it is "just" a spell is 72h.
My previous bans have always been run with no warning and the account had previously never had a warning.
I probably told on Wurd getting another player and Glider has not responded to the GM.
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ALT January 16, 2009
Registered since: Jan 2008
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Originally posted by csor77 Post show
Happened: It was found that under your account using unauthorized software was used
am I wrong, or did blizzard since changed? But otherwise was always a different reason ...
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ALT January 16, 2009
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
Contributions: 391

Jup had a different name, sounds like a generalization, let's see what the future brings me back Could keep net botte and again 3 accounts.

I will now look how easily test various possible causes.

Acc1 let me run without regard 24/7
Acc2 18h + zoning 1x per day
ACC3 8-10h + 2 zoning and by 1 day between inside

All do not send mail and are not linked together and run on all other IP's

Let's see wielang it goes well
Next Banwave inc: still 1-4 months

I ´ m back! When comes the next wave
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Welcome back
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