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72 hours ban 03/15/2011
ALT 15.03.2011
Avatar by xDarkyx
Registered since: Sep 2007
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Location: Hamburg

72 hours ban 03/15/2011 - Posted: 15/03/2011
Hi folks,.

Email Blizzard slowly Blizz is creative, and now they finally have meaningful times as ne pass.
Nagut I must say, I habs but also over the top right. 6 days non-stop in the shadow of the highlands, the same route.
2 updates in the game and still nothing. I guess 95% of the Petzer were there on the road, because I was not the only bot and was also angewipert already, I should build me ne other route and away from his territory. When you hear the tell on themselves already, the Botter each other / to turn on the Mats / gold get shut, I find that really sad.

Conclusion People, 5% risk of discovery software and 95% envy / greed for gold from other players.

Email from Blizz:

Account Name: XXXXX
Character Name: XXXXX
Server: XXXXX

Type of offense: Botting
Action taken: 72 hours Lock

Dear customer,

We want you hereby notifies set that we your World of
Warcraft account had to give a warning and that for the above
mentioned period has been locked. We regret that we take this action
. had However, it is in the interest of the community and the integrity
of the game.

Please note that if any further breaches of our rules
and provisions of this incident is taken into account when it comes to measures
goes against your account. This can be more cautions, and
temporary closures of your account and may ultimately include the
permanent closure of the account lead.

We strongly advise you to take a moment and look at the article
regarding this issue at our official site again
read: Blizzard support

Please do not reply to this e-mail, otherwise you will one
get automated response.
If you have any concerns about your account status, please send them
please contact: [email protected].

With kind regards,

Game Master Ysselnir
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

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Online now!
Posted: recently

ALT 15.03.2011
Registered since: Dec 2007
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There are also plenty of other players report to one, just because Twilight Highlands and Uldum is yes überfarmt without end.

But now the call has the cool reason "Botting"
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ALT 15.03.2011
Avatar by Muffin192
Registered since: Sep 2008
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But no permanent at least a small compensation
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ALT 15.03.2011
Registered since: Dec 2008
Contributions: 683

How nice, a 72 hours ban
I'd celebrate now soooo

But yes, it's really bitter when Botter Botter other reports ...
Evil, evil, evil ...
Gulli spoiled

The more precisely you have followed the instructions, I am all the more friendly
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