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Perm ban on 6/16/2011
ALT 16.06.2011
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Perm ban on 6/16/2011 - Posted: 16.06.2011
Hello Dear Community
I've now also got my account banned, the account is permanently banned ...
Today, I had not even run the bot because I thought I can now faster leveling if I play itself. No sooner said than done today, only 30 minutes played without bot
The last time was with the bot 2 days ago and auhc only for about 2 hours but every time I sat danneben or have chatted on the 2nd monitor, etc. ICh have used only the quest mode, which is bugged in the level 80-85 range and I was still pretty can intervene.
Other programs I have not used the customer support I've just written a ticket that I did not do anything and I have a annrecht daruf LogFiles or otherwise shared to get something where you can see I have gebottet ... sometimes look like it will end. If they give me any insight I will take legal action no matter what it may ^ ^ I want to see clear evidence that I have gebottet or whether it is behind the Warden Bot.

Tip're so n carefully at the moment!


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ALT 16.06.2011
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That I would be interested if there is sometimes what. If it is so I wish good luck in the Legal schonmal steps.
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ALT 17.06.2011
Registered since: Dec 2008
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They can simply tell you that many times wast reportet.
So wengen such things take legal action ... Where we live, then?
Who do you think pays the costs? I think if you have a legal expenses insurance and have already admitted to you that is bottest you pay nothing ...
Gulli spoiled

The more precisely you have followed the instructions, I am all the more friendly
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