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72h Ban
ALT 19.07.2011
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72h Ban - Posted: 07/19/2011
Ich wurde heute gebannt.
Allerdings wohl nicht wegen dem Bot:

Measure: 72 hours account suspension
Type of offense: violation of the Terms of Service - exploitative activities: Abuse of the economy

The account has been temporarily blocked because one or more characters is shown in this account of the trade or involvement in the trade of virtual game content (items and / or gold) for money in the "real world". This trade represents a violation of the terms of use and has a negative effect on the in-game economy of World of Warcraft.

Even if this is by sharing the account with others came about, it may still be the owner of the account held accountable because of the strong impact on the game world.

We have found that the behavior described above is often in direct contact with groups that are responsible for the Komprimitierung of World of Warcraft accounts. We take this very seriously. To understand our position in terms of utilization and the associated risks better, please contact the following items: Blizzard support

The above exploitative activities that account violates the terms of use of the World of Warcraft. Please take a moment to yourself to read the rules below: Blizzard Entertainment: Blizzard Legal Documentation. Please note that further violations could lead to more stringent regulations against the use of action against the account to a permanent account suspension.

Sollten Sie befürchten, dass Ihr Account kompromittiert wurde, so besuchen Sie bitte die folgende Webseite:
Unser Kundendienst wird sich Ihrer Anfrage baldmöglichst annehmen. Sollten Sie durch die Passwortänderung nicht auf Ihren Account zugreifen können, so können Sie das Passwort erneut zurücksetzen unter

For any questions or complaints in relation to these measures account, please mail it to our site via exploitative activities, where you will find a collection of questions and answers, and a contact form:

Best Regards

Customer Service
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Ziemlich seltsam die Sache. Da der Vorwurf natürlich völlig Banane ist. Frage ist jetzt, wie verhalten? ban akzeptieren und 72 Stunden warten, oder die Welle machen? Denke mal warten ist da das vernünftigere, oder ?
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