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Permaban without Prewarning!
ALT 27.01.2012
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Permaban without Prewarning! - Posted: 01/27/2012
Notification of account suspension *** ***

Account Name: WOW1

Reason for the closure, alleging breach of the Terms of Service - exploitative activities: Unauthorized "cheat" programs ("hacks")

This account has been banned because it could be shown that one or more characters unauthorized third party programs ("Cheats"), also known as "hacks" have used. These programs provide benefits to the characters in the game that are not normally available in World of Warcraft. Such benefits include, but are not limited to, increased movement speed, Teleport or the race through walls / boundaries. The use of such unauthorized programs harm the game environment because it provides an unfair advantage over other players and exceeds the specified limits of the game.

Although this incident is the result of a foreign access to the account by a third person (for example, a friend, family member or leveling service) should be and was not the account owner himself caused the account may still be responsible for the offense to be made.

We have found that the behavior described above, are often in direct communication with groups that are responsible for the Komprimitierung World of Warcraft accounts. We take this very seriously. To better understand our position in terms of utilization and the risks involved, please contact the following items:
World of Warcraft Europe -> Info -> Gold Selling: Effects and Consequences

The above exploitative activities that account violates the terms of use of the World of Warcraft. Please take a moment to yourself to read the rules below: Blizzard Entertainment: Blizzard Legal Documentation. All set up subscriptions were canceled to avoid future billing.

For any questions or complaints in relation to these measures account, please mail it to our site via exploitative activities, where you will find a collection of questions and answers, and a contact form: Exploitative activities in World of Warcraft - Support - Support

Best Regards

Customer Service
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Dazu muss ich ebenfalls sagen das ich den Bot schon ne ganze Weile mit diesem Account nicht mehr genutzt habe
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