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2 baned acc wake
ALT 06.02.2012
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2 baned acc wake - Posted: 02/06/2012
Yes both my wow acc baned weill they were on the same acount battelnet.
I veruschs not around to argue, I now play on a private server is much cheaper to stop wasting billzard soon with the whole comunity wow
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ALT 06.02.2012
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Why would Blizzard waste it with the community? You will not have been banned without further notice. I suppose you've gebottet and ergo you had to reckon with the consequences and have them now in the form of blocked accounts to carry.

If you bretterst car into a tree and get drunk in the driver's license you will be taken is not to blame diePolizei

But private server? : - No comment ...
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ALT 03/19/2012
Registered since: Jan 2012
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Well have you both with gebottet acc?
Looks like it, because I have 5 WoW acc on Well now's just a useless!
The Andren you can not yet wass games!
Quote Blizzard, Please differentiate here - we do not show the player (so they as a person) with this punishment, but the account!
The time now is therefore free to create a new account and continue to play on our servers - in this sense, we give each customer a second chance, otherwise we would have a production ban of a new account directly.

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