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Permanent ban
ALT 04/04/2012
Registered since: Mar 2012
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Permanent ban - Posted: 04/04/2012
Now few days was not online yesterday, I look in the mailbox, the mail from Blizz that my acc was locked.

1) Permanent or Temporary (72 hours, etc)
2) How many accounts?
3) What are you most have done? (Quest Mode, PvP mode, custom profiles) AND WHERE!
4) Do you have any other programs use? (Hacks, modifications to the game, cheat ..)
5) When were you the last time online?
6) When you were banned?
7) more info

1) Permanent
2) An account
3) Approx. Swamp of Sorrows 10-15 hours farmed by Pet (different route), never more than 2-3 hours at a stretch, and not left unattended. A questing lvl 7 char of 56 to 63.
4) No. Use other bots at the desktop, I hereby was only at the notebook.
5) Approx. 3-4 days before the ban, at least for a week last Botnutzung already had her.
6) 02.04.
7) Standard Ban-mail from Blizzard

Can not quite understand, resulting in the ban. Did the pet farms for each day a new itinerary. When questing I've even watched almost constantly (By the way learned)

One probably one idea right? Players report I do not think so, because I've seen no players, and generally on the server is not busy. A pity, because in Honorbuddy I lack the function to easily create your own route ne. But as long as I have no clear reason of a failure on my part to see the ban, I re-use is too risky (and expensive)

I'm really inexperienced and not fully use, with other accounts on my desktop PC Honorbuddy for several months without banks. Even on my main account.

best regards,
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ALT 04/04/2012
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first sorry for my tuts your account.

"Results from which the ban"
quite likely to report players, even if you're always on the computer you can still have someone watching, there are even reports that people all day just by / who 'where there are bots like "

Can look you in HB, there were also blocked some ... every 2-3 months get updated very often just a few bans that had always been so and will probably remain forever.
Best regards,

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ALT 04/04/2012
Registered since: Dec 2011
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hi ...
tja it also caught me ... had a lvl 85 warrior was brought on well ok so far ...
have farmed and then made out of it and ores, gems melted ....
Well at least I was on 2.4 and ne e-mail from blizzard then
I had not even been on some days and had the last few weeks pretty much done ..
well ... that was my second ban .... pooh
the stupid is the only one every time the whole cataclysm shit again have to buy 55 €
and then bring a ersgtmal baaah to 85
annoying ... but apparently was the ban-4.2 tag but correct ..
It lies on my win7 bit or 64? there does not disguise for the program?

one can pass the relish

Last edited by makiki666 (04.04.2012 to 22: 05 (Watch)
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