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Caution Caution Caution
ALT December 20, 2007
Registered since: Feb 2007
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Caution Caution Caution -Posted: December 20, 2007
Just a angewispert me know if I can but please anwispern a mate because that made him accidentally on igno.

I've replied to happiness, as I entered the / who were the players do not even though I have written to him (very strange).

Now surely come comments, like who has just ausgelog, ne ne've tried it several times and always get him an answer.

I got my first glider gestoped and will do until tomorrow on.
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ALT December 20, 2007
View leceathron
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hmm it would be possible that you have the name spelled wrong ?? ... Happens to me sometimes that I see so tiny accents or symbols ...
if not would be a nasty action of gms -.-
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ALT December 20, 2007
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Contributions: 956

ne everything correct, quite sure. I do not know if it was GM's, maybe a bug, but comes before me funny.
ALT December 20, 2007
Registered since: Nov 2007
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MHH yesterday I had to wait for luck just on the computer as I see someone running after me and asked me. Then he asked me as very strange things I answered him then he was suddenly gone. I found funny too
ALT December 20, 2007
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And for something you create a separate thread?

/ closed
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