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Devil's cluster 07.01.2008 19:44

Glideracc and Mainacc same time?

I've searched but nothing really found by Sufu, what brings me further, so I want to ask if there is a way to let his Farmacc Mainacc and run simultaneously.
This means that I play on the one and the other is farmed (I've Glider Elite)

Devil's cluster 07.01.2008 19:52

I still lived at home the moment I and my parents would not find it nice if I have 2 pc's ^ ^

Devil's cluster 07.01.2008 19:59

But with the virual would FUNZ or is detected as the main net or my?

Bob0815 07.01.2008 20:04

I have been playing now for over a year with two Ace's on a PC .... for a gliding to the other .... and never Daddeln is what happens ...
I do not think it's so quick that blizzard can see your Accs ...

Bob0815 07.01.2008 20:10


Originally posted by derrene (Beitrag 46271)
Well you can prohibit it ned if warden will be improved?

I mean I can also say that more accurate if I know genauers in relation to the performance of warden. anyway, I wanted to say anything wrong

Yep, I agree with you totally agree .....

Devil's cluster 07.01.2008 20:12

ok thanks for your nice reply, I still have a small question jez, where is your signature ^ ^ @ derrenne

oooYooo 07.01.2008 20:18

Well if you have no possibility to use 2 pcs then it maches with.

simply different last name and take at least one paid game cards only .. Of course you can also use the same bank details if you have no loss on the game cards .. otherwise just keep pc reboot when you send and umloggst simply nothing else but directly by mail or direct commercial auction house (of course, no gray crap for 1000g)

Mike75 18.01.2008 07:44

I read the post carefully, because I was doing similar (VMWare for gliding).

Leider lässt sich WoW nicht in der VMWare starten (getestet mim Player2 und Workstation 6). Jedesmal kommt die Meldung das keine geeignete Grafikkarte verfügbar ist. In einigen Foren wurde schon von diversen Linuxusern gefragt, wie man WoW spielen kann. Scheinbar gibt es 3 Möglichkeiten ;).
First On Linux: Wine
Second Mac under VMWare Fusion (there is experimental support graphics accelerator)
3. Windows PC zulegen ;)

Ob es mit Virtual PC oder anderer Software möglich ist, habe ich nocht nicht probiert, mal sehen was das WE bringt ;).


[-_-] 29.01.2008 01:17

und was hat es gebracht? ;)

Sepriot 16.05.2008 15:04

apparently nothing ^ ^

Beersteak 16.05.2008 19:44

Rape is an offense to deaths

Seth85 19.05.2008 08:18

Virtual Machine, it is not possible because you install the Direct X on a virtual machine is prohibited other graphics driver can not install VM is not so!

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